Games Collaboration

Brennan and I were tasked to help games students create 3D printed models for a board game they were creating. The game they were creating was a Gladiator game with a sense of humor Still being new to creating characters, Brennan created a base mesh that we would both alter in order to have two evenly built gladiators.


Each of use were going to create a belt, shield and helm that would represent two different gladiators from two different time periods. We didn’t have a large amount of time to get the models finished as communication was a struggle between the teams and we had to have models done by a certain date in order for them to be printed in time. It seemed like the games team didn’t know what they really wanted so we used our influence as the creators and led them towards what we felt would be best for them and what would be achievable in two days. Brennan and I Skyped so that we could work together and stay in the loop constantly with one-another discussing poses and alteration to make the models look as though the were even and ready for battle.


This is a render of my model after the pose, shield, helm, sword and arm plate were created and placed on the mesh. The games team thought they would prefer a smoother model so we turbo smoothed the models and Brennan sent them off for printing.


Update 3

Unfortunately the small size of the models led to them breaking in certain areas but we have time to remake them before the games team re-present their games in week 13.

After signing up to work with an Audio team with a fairly large project, Brennan wrangled me into another games project which I wasn’t sure how much of the work I could do. I only had to create one asset which was good for me and it only took me a few hours.

I have really been enjoying the low-poly work and this bird was no different!



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